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GTD – Getting Things Done

GTD = Getting Things Done by David Allen 

Five simple steps to apply order to chaos.

That really is the whole gist of the system. It’s just too simple for people to grasp.  Your brain is meant for coming up with ideas, not storing them. GTD is all about getting the ideas out of your head, into a TRUSTED system, then dealing with all the stuff in an appropriate way at the appropriate time.

Again, I don’t intend to use this blog to ‘teach’ anyone to follow GTD. There is an entire network of professionals to do that. If the method is of interest, I again encourage you, the reader, to do some research and see if it fits your life. I’ll share how it fits in my life. You may have realized my love of audiobooks by now and this is no exception. Check out Audible.com and even read it for free if you are a new customer.

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