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The Weekly Log and GTD

The Weekly log is not an inherent part of the Bullet Journal system. It’s not precluded, but it’s completely optional. So why have one at all? That’s where my GTD integration comes in. Yup, I said “my GTD integration”. This is about how *I* make the two systems work for me.

I see GTD as the METHODOLOGY of how I prioritize, organize and keep track of the various tasks I need to do. The Bullet Journal is the physical way that I record that process.

In the GTD method, one would have an Inbox in which to receive all the notes and documents that represent the various tasks that need accomplishing. My role is to review each of these tasks and sort them into actions to be taken or not:

  • Can I accomplish this task in 5 minutes or less? Do it now. > Mark it as completed
  • Can this task be scheduled or delegated? Do so. > enter it into a calendar or a ‘waiting on’ list
  • Is this a piece of resource information to be kept for the future? File it appropriately > enter it on a list or file

Now, this is not the exact process as illustrated above obviously, but it is the interpretation I use to enter this data into my journal. 

My weekly page serves as a Calendar for the current week (remember, most of my work is 3-5 days actionable), a project priority list, a “waiting on” list and sometimes a “next action” list.

On the left you will notice a calendar for each day of the week with a section for Time specific appointments and one for day specific tasks. Timed are hard times, day means ‘sometime that day’. I.e. automatic prioritization.

On the right you will notice a section for

  • top 3 projects in each of 3 categories; Work, Home, Personal (more on that in a bit).
  • A section for things I’m waiting on from other people
  • A Next Actions list that roughly corresponds to the project lists
  • and in this case, a section specifically for tasks to do when I get home (an area I really needed to work on at the time)

This is the repository for all the “stuff” that can’t be accomplished within 5 minutes. If a task takes longer than that, it finds it’s way onto this page. If it gets finished this week, it’s marked out but still readable for review later*. If at the end of the week, there are still tasks or items that need to be migrated, this is where they are found, not buried in pages of dailies.

*Ahhhh Later… that would be the Weekly Review.


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