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The Amorphous Blob of Undo-ability

 Projects: The Amorphous Blob of undo-abiltiy

What constitutes a Project? Generally, any task that takes more than 2 actions to complete can be considered a project. Of course, your standard may vary depending on how much time and effort you have to devote to each task. In my world, I generally have less than 30 minutes to devote to random tasks.
Listing a project as a task can lead to the Amorphous Blob:

  • House
  • Dog
  • Blog

    So how does that list help? It doesn’t. Let’s break that down a bit.

    Goals: What does that project look like as an accomplished task?
    Tasks: What actions are required to achieve this goal?
    Next Action: what is the very next action to take to move toward a met goal

    Goal: a clean and tidy house ready for guests to stay the weekend
    Tasks: empty trash cans, vacuum floors in the bedrooms and living room, change bed linens*
    *this one task requires multiple steps that will require a period of time: remove the current linens, wash and dry linens, replace linens on the bed.
    Next Action: Which task is the most actionable right now?

    Establish for yourself common circumstances tasks fall into:

  • Tasks requiring a phone
  • Tasks requiring computer and internet
  • Tasks requiring you to be at home, at work, in your car

    Keep separate action lists for each of these circumstances so that next time you find yourself waiting for 15 minutes, pick out a task that you can complete I.e. make that phone call for an appointment, call your friend for the name and number of that tradesman you discussed. Stop by the store on your way home in the car, Move the living room sofa at a time when you have your teenage son available to help.

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