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budget bujo yearly Since it’s the beginning of the year and my budget pages aren’t filled out yet, I thought I’d show you what I work with. This is simply what I’ve worked out for myself. I’d love to hear and see other folks’ ideas. I didn’t want a ‘fill in the block’ tracker. I want more information than that.  But I also didn’t want a standard financial register either. This is my compromise. Each month, I fill in the block and amount of each bill. Routine bills at the top, variable bills at the bottom, Income at the very bottom. This leaves me enough room for totals and unexpected entries as needed. At any point, I can see which bills have been paid and what needs to be paid yet. I often pay my bills ahead so this helps me see that at a glance.

This is how I record expenses as they happen. I’ve also included a completed example below of a previous month. About once a week, I visit my bank page and review the expenses and list them in the appropriate space. This is where a more conventional bookkeeper type would use an account register. While I have basic accounting training and understand that system fully…. well….I don’t wanna. Seriously, that’s my reasoning. I never liked bookkeeping. This is an example of how it works out. I total sections and work out the debit and credit columns and figure out how I did that month. Yes, I know a ledger would be more orderly. Again, I don’t wanna. But I don’t want to discourage others from doing better.  This is what that would look like by the way. May I also point out, incidentally that the other pages were drawn using a standard fountain pen without a bit of smearing or splotching and this one was done with a really good quality gel pen? Give me my fountain pen anytime. Maybe I’ll do a review of those in another post.

So that’s how I keep on top of my expenses and bills. What methods have you come up with?

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